Potential Causes of Stress Incontinence in Mothers

Stress urinary incontinence is the sudden arrival of pee with no desire, a health condition that is progressively regular among females, particularly moms. In this situation, the muscles of the urethra and the tube that passes urine out of the bladder are liable for closing the bladder outlet, to keep the urine inside. In any case, when these muscles don’t function properly, there will be an unexpected release of pee, which is named as pressure incontinence. This type of problem can be managed by exercises and bladder training. Surgical method should be the last option when all these natural way fail to heal the problem. It might be surprising that one of every three new mother suffers from incontinence due to several reasons. Some of the best adult diapers are also available online that are designed exclusively for the people suffering from adult incontinence problem.

Pregnancy and Childbirth:

There are numerous factors during pregnancy and labor that debilitate the muscles of the pelvic floor. An infant that is heavy or overweight, may do some harm the pelvic floor. Hence, pelvic floor muscle stretches out, resulting in urinary leakage.

Routine Habits:

A working mother needs to balance office responsibilities and perform various household chores. Most of these household chores are physical in nature and might put strain on the pelvic muscles. These types of work put pressure on pelvic floor muscles that might lead to bladder leak.

Some Routine Habits Include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Laughing
  • Sitting
  • Getting out of bed
  • Stepping out of a vehicle
  • Washing clothes
  • Lifting a heavy object


Women who are overweight or are more prone to developing stress incontinence as compared to females with normal BMI. Since excess body fat might exert more pressure on the urinary bladder, it might lead to leakage. To avoid leakage during stress, women need to maintain a healthy BMI and take healthy diet.


After menopause, women might experience a decline in estrogen hormones. This is responsible for keeping the urethra in healthy condition. Therefore, a low estrogen level might affect the ability of the urethra to close the bladder outlet and hold in urine. Our Genesis adult diapers offer a range of comfy and Best Adult Diapers for Women and men. So, in case your family member or friend wants to manage their incontinence problems in the right way, check out our collection of adult diaper and pants.

Ignoring the Problem:

Mothers often get too busy in taking care of their family, and are not serious about their issues. There are many women in this world who still avoid talking openly about many health issues due to the social embarrassment associated with it.

It is true that incontinence can affect everyone in similar way regardless of the gender. Genesis offers the best-in-class adult diapers at the most affordable price. Our exclusive range of Adult Diapers for Female is what everyone needs to maintain a healthy life. For more information, reach us at +1-657-233-8500 or info@genesishcp.com.

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