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Hypoallergenic Absorbent Plus Overnight Briefs with maximum absorbency are the perfect solution for incontinence. They are designed to keep your skin dry for 12 hours and are guaranteed to provide comfort throughout the night!

It keeps you dry and comfortable while maintaining a maximum level of leakage coverage. What do you look for in incontinence products? An ideal product should be non-allergenic, latex-free, provide long-term absorption, be comfortable to use, and affordable. Nexgen Absorbent Plus Briefs are your solution to inconsistent sleep.

No redness. No rashes. No bedsore.

  • For ultimate comfort and breathability, cloth-like material is used as the back sheet material.
  • Easy to use. As you move a lot while sleeping, the reusable tape holds the briefs in place during the night.
  • Long-lasting dryness and odor control with polymer core design.
  • This premium "Blue Core" acquisition layer also contributes to skin protection by removing moisture from the surface and evenly distributing fluid.
  • Inner leg cuffs keep you spot-free all night long by preventing leaks.
  • Cuffs around the outer leg promote comfort and confidence while providing maximum protection.

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