About The Company: Meddcare

"We must take care of our elderlies the way they took care of us with the best diapers when we were babies."

Jack Johar, Meddcare CEO

Where it all begun

The story of Meddcare can be traced to the year 2012, when it was first established. It started with humble beginnings, being a home-based business that started with just a husband & wife with one customer. A garage office, endless brainstorming sessions, a learning curve upon learning curve, and enough trials and errors to make one give up.

Jack Johar, founder of Meddcare, was inspired to start an incontinence management service. While the 2007 recession is a devastating stage for many budding businesses, including Jack’s. This has been a turning point, a saving grace that turns a negative situation into a new hope for his business venture—the healthcare industry, thus the birth of Meddcare.

Jack figured out that our elderly need the same attention and care as we give to our children. He wanted to be the voice of these people who cannot speak for themselves.

The company provides many healthcare products now but it started with adult diapers. Meddcare was once called Meddiapers. The variety of products they have provided has increased dramatically from one or two in their starting years to dozens as they grow bigger. Today, Meddcare’s Nexgen and Dignifi diapers are becoming a household name.

The highest profitability comes from bad times. It is through Jack’s hard work and driving force that he was able to establish a new business venture when all seemed lost during his first few years in business.

Where it is now

Meddcare have helped a lot of people by providing them with quality adult diapers and incontinence pads through their brands Nexgen and Dignifi, and gloves through their brand Best Care. These products have gained the trust and approval of thousands after undergoing various tests to be safe and efficient for the consumers. This took years of hard work, love, and care.

Meddcare continues to enjoy an excellent work environment that is conducive to providing world-class services and products. It ensures top-notch quality with complete affordability as they produce their own industry-certified products.

Where it is going

The company has established a reliable reputation in the industry because of its customer-centered marketing strategy. The company will continue to provide quality products through its well-established practices and procedures, including product development and quality control at all stages of production so that they can ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

The growth of the adult diaper industry

 During the past years, the growth of incontinence products has experienced a significant expansion, with many experts predicting that the adult diaper market will grow by 10% annually.

The most recent figures confirm this trend: sales of incontinence products in the United States rose from 1.7 billion dollars in 2004 to 2.5 billion in 2009, representing a 46% growth over this period, compared with 15% for the overall care market during the same period.

The largest adult diaper manufacturers are doing everything they can to meet this extensive and growing demand. Meddcare is venturing on more products to meet the needs of the adult diaper market without compromising quality and comfort.Soon, Meddcare will set in motion bariatric adult diapers.

Meddcare has positively transformed and enhanced everyone’s life in the past years. Indeed customers come back not just because they're satisfied with the product but also because they value what Meddcare stands for. It is part of their mission statement that when a customer comes back to buy from them again, it means they've lived up to its name as the quality brand that provides The Care You Deserve™.

Striving each day to fulfill this goal of being the most trusted provider of incontinence care throughout the United States and beyond. Its founder, Jack Johar, visions it to go global despite the many challenges it faces today. Meddcare currently has locations at India, Japan and Thailand.

Know more about meddcare.com or call the offices now at #(909) 966-5100 (wholesale) and 657-233-8500 (retail)

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