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TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs offer users comfortable protection for moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel incontinence. Featuring new ConfioAir™ Fully Breathable Technology, Stretch Sides, InstaDri Skin-Caring System® technology for excellent dryness and odor control technology. 

What are some Key Features of TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs?

  • ConfioAir® 100% breathable technology keeps skin comfortable and DRY with 100% breathable sides AND core to help promote better skin health
  • Stretch side panels provide a secure, individualized fit for effective leakage control and a comfortable wearer experience
  • These incontinence briefs offer a multifunctional design with full-length hook fasteners can be changed using fastening system or pulled up and down like protective underwear for restorative care.
  • InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ target absorption zone quickly wicks away moisture from the skin and odor control technology locks away liquid to help reduce odor

Who Should Use TENA Stretch Briefs with Tabs?

TENA Stretch Briefs with Tabs, Ultra are ideal for:

  • Those in need of super absorbent incontinence briefs
  • Those that are immobile or bedridden and could use a adult diaper with moisture proof lining
  • Those that have moderate to heavy bladder or bowel incontinence

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