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Designed to keep anyone feeling dry and comfortable while also providing the necessary support. Back-up with satisfaction guarantee through premium construction and design that allows anyone to get on with their day without worry or stress.

Discreet protection that feels like a second skin. With an absorbent core but still allows heat and humidity to escape, making these briefs breathable. Confidently go about the day without any distractions or worries.



Premium Blue Core - Quickly locks away moisture to keep
anyone feeling dry and comfortable

Soft, Breathable Material - Soft and comfortable fit that is also breathable to keep people feeling fresh all day long

Discreet Design - Sleek, discreet design will make anyone forget they’re even wearing them

Inner and Outer Leg Cuff - Snug fit that will prevent leaks and give people the support they need

Convenient - Easy to use and dispose of

Absorbency level - Absorbs between 1300ml to 2100ml liquid capacity

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