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Urine & Fecel Needs: Both
Back Sheet: Breathable

Underpads Absorb is that little extra precaution for those who worry a little more. These liners have a polypropylene back sheet which has super absorbent qualities to keep you worry free for the whole night. 

  • It offers maximum coverage, no slip-up, highly absorbent, 100% waterproof and much more to your bed and other sitting areas.

    It is nothing to be embarrassed about, you have problem called as incontinence and involuntarily you wet the places you sit. Who don’t understand the problem of wet beds; even the mattress cover can’t help you in this situation. Who is going to change the bed sheet in every few minutes? I hope no one at your home. Even after wearing the right incontinence product you still worry about wetting the bed then you can certainly make use of these Underpads blue.

    • These Underpads are 100% waterproof, which means it will not allow the fluids to reach your nice mattress or designer bed sheets.
    • Use and throw. No need to get your hands dirty. Just pull it off once it is wet and throw it in the trash. Remember these are not plastic sheets and washable sheets.
    • Due to the tape facility on the sides, it will stay where you taped it, so no more slip-ups while sleeping or sitting. No need to tuck or wrap the lining around the mattress covers.
    • The outer lining is made up of PE sheet.
    • You can carry it anywhere you like. It is easy to carry anywhere you go. As the packages are small and hassle free. No need to waste hours to pack.
    • Workable with any kind of seating such as wheelchairs, couches, beds, car seats, etc. Not limited to bed only, will secure anything you wish.
    • The inner material is Non-woven, includes Wood pulp, SaP and few other materials which absorb the fluids and keep the upper as well lower layer dry and free from any wetness.
    • One Extra Large size which offers maximum coverage, absorption, and protection.

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