Cardinal Wings Quilted Bariatric Adult Diapers with Tabs, Super

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Enjoy superior comfort and a plus-sized fit with Covidien Wings Quilted Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Super. Advanced side panels are heavy duty and completely breathable, so you can enjoy all day protection and maintain skin health. Four sturdy tabs fasten anywhere on the diaper, so you can get a great fit. Clothlike backing allows skin to breathe, so you can enjoy advanced protection without compromising skin health. Plus, clothlike backing is rustle-free and discreet. Whether your loved one needs overnight protection or long-term daytime support, these adult diapers provide trusted, comfortable support. Manufactured in USA. 

Key Benefits

  • Refastenable tabs attach to any part of the brief, so you get a great fit every time
  • Clothlike backing is silent, and allows air to circulate through the fabric for maximum skin integrity
  • Heavy duty side panels are sturdy and stretch comfortably around the body
  • Sturdy tabs fasten securely and hold tight. Breathable side panels allow heat to pass out of the brief, so skin feels cool
  • Breathable side panels allow heat to pass out of the brief, so skin feels good

Who Should Use These

Covidien Wings Quilted Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Super are ideal for:

  • Those with waist sizes between 74-100 inches
  • Those with heavy incontinence, or bowel incontinence
  • Those that are immobile or bedridden
  • Those with a caregiver

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