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BOX: 12x28" (6 Bags of 12 Counts)

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BoosterPads are specifically designed to offer maximum protection from leakage as well as from moderate loss of bladder control. The inner layer is made of cotton fabric so the softness of it keeps you comfortable for a longer duration of time. It is easy to handle, easy to carry, and easy to dispose of as well.

Product Features:

  • No more leakage in case of light to moderate bladder loss.
  • High absorbency with level 5 rating so you can forget about embarrassing spotting.
  • The outer layer touching your skin is made up of cotton fabric to give your skin a soft touch and keep you comfortable.
  • The inner material includes air-laid paper wrap, fluff mix SAP, and waterproof breathable film.
  • The edges have a tape strip which keeps the sanitary napkin intact in its place.
  • Best for light to moderate level of bladder loss. It provides maximum protection to the people with this issue.
  • Best for light to moderate level of bladder loss and provides maximum protection.
  • Lightweight and small in size for easy portable transport.
  • Unisex.
  • Easy to dispose of.
  • Raised leg cuffs to control heavy leakage.
  • Latex free.

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