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NexGen Advantage Bariatric Incontinence Briefs/underwear are specifically designed for maximum comfort and fit to prevent leakage on larger waist sizes.

Often., drugstores and pharmacies do not carry adult diapers in every size, leaving larger individuals struggling to manage their incontinence. We offer bariatric diapers and briefs that are superior in quality as well as lets customers of all sizes comfortable and reliable protection against leakage. The breathable cloth-like outer layer is extremely gentle against sensitive skin which allows air to circulate through the body, promoting skin integrity.

The easy expandable side panels are breathable to allow more air flow for drier skin and stretchable to provide a tailored fit up to 105”.


  • Super soft cloth-like back sheet material is used for ultimate breathability and discreet comfort.
  • Easy to use. The reusable tape allows for perfect fitting and keeps the brief intact throughout the night, even for those who tend to move quite a bit in their sleep.
  • Ultra absorbent polymer core design offers long-lasting dryness and odor control.
  • Inner leg cuffs ensure secure protection against any leaks and keeps you spot free all night long.
  • Outer leg cuffs provide a feeling of comfort and confidence along with ultimate protection.
  • Can fit up to a 105” waist.

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