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Shamrock Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves, Powder Free, Disposable, Non-Sterile. Vinyl Powder Free Examination Gloves provide a latex free and powder free solution to hand protection. Formulated from a special synthetic component and soft PVC material, these gloves are softer like premium leather, and are more elastic to fit snugly and comfortably. Popular with doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, lab technicians, home caregivers, pharmacists, and veterinary personnel. Also suited for janitorial, beauty & salon, and food service applications, among many others.

  • Child Care
  • Medical
  • Versatility
  • Beauty & Salon
  • Cooking in Kitchen
  • Food Service applications
  • Color: Clear
  • 100% latex free and powder free
  • Eliminates powder related contamination
  • Very soft and flexible to fit snugly and comfortably
  • Strong and durable for superior protection

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