ProCare Breathable Adult Diapers with Tabs

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Protect your loved ones from incontinence with ProCare Breathable Adult Briefs with Tabs! With high absorbency and a comfortable fit, these briefs keep your loved ones dry and secure. Caregivers love the restenable tabs, which can be stuck and unstuck as many times as you need for an ideal fit. Elastic leg gathers hug the body for an extra layer of protection, trapping incontinence inside the brief. Skin stays comfortable and cool with breathable zones and a clothlike backsheet that allows vapors from incontinence to pass through. 

Key Benefits

  • Clothlike backing is silent, comfortable, and breathable, so skin stays cool
  • Breathable zones allow air to pass through the product for maximum comfort and skin integrity
  • Refastenable tabs allow you to stick and unstick the tabs as many times as you need for a great fit
  • Elastic leg gathers cup the body at the leg holes, locking incontinence inside

Who Should Use These

ProCare Breathable Adult Briefs with Tabs are ideal for:

  • Those with moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Those that are immobile or bedridden
  • Those caring for themselves

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