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Extra Unisex Pull Up Underwear has clothlike material that enables you to stay comfortable in any position. Feels like regular underwear when worn, so you’ll never worry about skin irritation or discomfort. Heavy absorbency feature is designed for long-lasting usage. Odor Guard Protection prevents odor build-up, so you can go about your daily routine with confidence. Advanced core design and blue stay-dry strip allows you to defeat leakage at any time of day or night. Ventilated panels installed in the underwear enable you to have proper air circulation and reduce any heat build-up, keeping you cool and fresh every day. Available in sizes Small to Extra Large.

  • Skin-Smart Fabric with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E nourishes skin health
  • Odor Guard Protection prevents any odor build-up to keep you confident and fresh all day
  • Printed Tagless Label on the back helps you quickly differentiate the front from the back and identify the size

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