Prevail Per-Fit Protective Underwear for Women

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Feel confident, dry, and supported with Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear for Women, Extra. With an ultra-slim design and an attractive lavender color, these look and feel just like regular underwear, so you can enjoy an extra boost of confidence. Plus, a built-in powerful odor guard and a completely silent backsheet ensure discretion. 360 degree breathable zones minimize heat-build up, and the Dri-Fit material feels soft and dry against skin for maximum comfort. QUICKWICK with MaxSoft technology soaks up moisture and pulls it into the core, leaving the topsheet dry against skin. Once in the core, MaxSorb gel turns moisture into a gel and keeps it away from skin. Printed back label makes it easy to tell which side is the back, and tear away sides easily rip apart for easy removal. Whether you need a discreet daytime solution or are a bladder control pad user that needs something heavier at night, these Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear will keep you dry and secure. Manufactured in USA.

Key Benefits

  • Tear away sides easily rip apart, so taking the product off is simple and convenient
  • Attractive features like a feminine color and a slimming design make these protective underwear a great choice for maximum confidence
  • Omni Odor Guard locks away odors from incontinence, so you feel fresh and dignified
  • Clothlike backing is silent, comfortable, and breathable
  • QUICKWICK with MaxSoft technology wicks moisture into the core, so the top feels dry and soft against skin
  • Dri-Fit Material throughout the underwear ensures maximum comfortability
  • MaxSorb Gel turns moisture into a gel and locks it away in the absorbent core
  • 360 Degree Breathable Zones allow air to circulate throughout the protective underwear, helping maintain skin health
  • Printed Back Label makes it easy to tell which side is the back - just look for the size indicator (just like regular underwear!)

Who Should Use These

Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear for Women, Extra are ideal for:

  • Women with moderate incontinence
  • Women caring for themselves
  • Women that are relatively active and mobile

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