Prevail Per-Fit Protective Underwear For Men

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Experience a pull-up diaper designed just for you with Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear for Men, Extra. This pull-up is specially created just for men with a form-fitting shape, masculine color, and extra absorbency in the front, where men need it most. Dri-fit material and QUICK WICK technology keep the fabric feeling dry and soft against skin, even after a void. 360 breathability means the entire waistband is completely breathable, so your skin stays healthy and cool. Convenient printed back label makes it easy to put the underwear on, and convenient tear-away sides make removal a breeze. Plus, enjoy extra discretion with a slim design that looks like real underwear and an advanced odor guard that ensures you smell and feel fresh. Manufactured in USA.

Key Benefits

  • Tear-away sides conveniently tear open, so you can remove the product without stepping out of fit
  • Clothlike backing material is comfortable, breathable, and silent
  • QUICKWICK with MaxSoft keeps the fabric soft and dry against skin by channeling liquid to the absorbent core. There, MaxSorb gel turns moisture into a gel
  • Male-centered design means this product is made just for you. The form-fitting design is a masculine color, and holds extra polymers (tiny absorbent beads) in the front, where men need it most
  • 360 Degree Breathability means the entire waistband is breathable, so you can enjoy cool, dry, comfortable skin
  • Omni Odor Guard neutralizes the pH in urine, eliminating odors and leaving you fresh and confident
  • Dri-Fit material feels dry and soft against skin, even right after a void
  • Back label makes it simple to tell which side is the back - just look for the size label

Who Should Use These?

Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear for Men, Extra are ideal for:

  • Men with moderate incontinence
  • Men that are relatively active and mobile
  • Men that are caring for themselves

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