Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Adult Diapers with Tabs, Maximum Plus

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Maintain skin health while staying dry with Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Briefs with Tabs, Maximum Plus. A great choice for those who have persistent leakage and can't get to the bathroom, the briefs’ 360 Breathable Zones allow air to circulate through the adult diaper. And microclimate care maintains the ideal environment for skin health, so that air, heat, and humidity can escape. These adult diapers provide advanced incontinence protection with Doublesorb layers (two absorbent cores instead of one) and QUICKWICK with MaxSoft, technology that locks moisture into the core, but leaves the fabric feeling dry and soft against skin. Dri-Fit technology blends cotton and synthetic fibers to help you feel dry, and stretchy wings ensure you get a great fit, every time.

Prevail Per-Fit Daily Underwear: Key Benefits

  • 360 Breathable Zones allow air to circulate through every part of the diaper, including the core. That way, skin stays cool and healthy.
  • Clothlike backing is skin-healthy and silent, and the Dri-Fit fabric leaves the material feeling dry and soft against skin
  • Refastenable tabs called Easy Lock Fasteners attach to the front of the brief as many times as you need, gripping tightly to the Direct Lock Panels without ever feeling sticky
  • Omni Odor Guard locks away odors, so you can enjoy freshness and dignity
  • QUICK WICK with MaxSoft pulls moisture into the core, so the fabric feels soft against skin
  • DoubleSorb layers, two absorbent cores on top of each other, channel incontinence to the bottom layer, leaving the top soft and dry against skin
  • Stretchy side panels called “expandex wings” comfortably stretch around the body, for a better, more comfortable fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider using Prevail Per-Fit 360?

Per-Fit360°&trade Briefs combine the comfortable feel of Per-Fit® with Prevail most advanced technology for men and women with heavy leakage. These Prevail briefs are ideal for those that have a caregiver who can assist with changes, may be bedridden or have low mobility or those that need overnight protection from incontinence.

What is the Prevail Per-Fit 360’s capacity?

These Prevail briefs have heavy absorbency, and are a good choice for caregivers of those that have overnight needs, or have several voids

How do I use Prevail Per-Fit 360?

This is an adult diaper with tabs, making it ideal for those who have assistance from a caregiver who can help adjust the fit and fasten the tabs. There are a few ways to put a tab-style product on a loved one, and the easiest way tends to be while they’re lying in bed. Start by rolling your loved one onto their side. Fold the product lengthwise (like a “hotdog”), and slide it between their legs, being sure that the tabbed side stays in the back. Fan the backside out across their behind, then gently roll them back over onto it. Afterward, pull the front panel up over their belly and fasten the tabs snugly. If the product is the right size, there will be no gaps around the leg holes, and the core will be resting snugly against the body (not hanging too low).

How do I find the right size of Prevail Per-Fit 360?

This incontinence product comes in three sizes: Size 1 (Medium) fits waist sizes 26" - 48", Size 2 (Large) fits waist sizes 45" - 62", and Size 3 (X-Large) fits waist sizes 58" - 70". For the best size, measure both your waist and hip and reference the larger of the two when referring to this sizing guide. Prevail features Expandex wings and a soft, stretchy fit, so you can really tailor the fit of this product to your body. A product that is well-fitting will have tabs that stick on the front of the hips (over the belly is too large, off to the sides is too small), and a core that rests against the body (no drooping).

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