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Prevail Bariatric A and Bariatric B Sized Briefs are specially designed to fit the largest of wearers comfortably. They offer ultimate absorbency, which is ideal for heavy bladder leakage.

Features include:

  1. 360° Breathable Zones that allow air to circulate around the entire brief and help prevent heat and moisture build up
  2. Expandex Wings gives a more comfortable fit (only available on Bariatric B)
  3. Direct Lock Panels offer an adjustable fit
  4. Omni-Odor Guard® stops odors before they start
  5. Easy-Lock Fastener® Strips grip and hold without being sticky
  6. Cloth-Like Outer Fabric is soft and comfortable
  7. Our Dri-Fit system provides a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin.

What are some Key Features of Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs?

  • Refastenable tabs called Easy-Lock Fasteners allow you to stick and unstick the fasteners to the adult briefs as much as you want, until you get the perfect fit. Forget about tape tabs with these gentle but sturdy tabs that’ll never stick to skin.
  • Direct Lock Panels offer a simple and convenient location for the tabs to stick. With tiny loops that latch onto the fasteners, your tabs will stay secure and in place
  • Cloth-like backing allows vapors from incontinence to escape, so your skin stays safe and healthy
  • Omni-odor guard stops odor in its tracks so you feel fresh, clean, and confident
  • Stretchy side panels called “Expandex Wings” are soft, flexible, and provide a secure fit.
  • 360 Breathable Zones provide ventilation around the entire waist, so you can enjoy long-wearing comfort.
  • MaxSorb Gel is made of super absorbent polymers. Stored in the core of the brief, these polymers soak up incontinence and turn it into a gel, so that the brief is dry moments after a void.
  • Quick Wick with MaxSoft is a soft material that pulls incontinence away from the skin and into the core.

Who Should Use These Bariatric Briefs?

Prevail Bariatric Briefs are ideal for those with:

  • Waist sizes between 62-100 inches
  • Caregivers that can help with disposable diaper changes.
  • Low mobility or that are bedbound
  • Heavy incontinence or bowel incontinence

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